Zombie Dom is just wrong in Gears of War 4

zombie dom gears of war 4On October 11th, Gears of War 4 releases around the world for Xbox One and Windows 10 players. Although, if you bought the Ultimate Edition, you could be playing it as of Friday. One of the pre-order incentives however, is a character skin pack which includes a zombified Dom character, and I’m not ok with that.

Gears of War introduced us to Marcus Fenix and his best friend, Dominic Santiago. Throughout the trilogy of games, they fought for friends, family and their own lives. We learned about Dom’s wife Maria, and the loss of his two children. We felt for the guy, and despite all of his losses, he stood by Marcus until the end. He then gave his life to save Marcus, Sam, Anya, Dizzy and Jace, You can follow the full story here, if you need to catch up on your Gears of War lore.

It was a sad moment in Gears of War 3, and after him putting his wife out of her misery in Gears 2, the last thing I wanted to see was Dom returning in a stupid zombified state as a playable character. Sure, I may be thinking too much into it, but I care for these characters. Sure, they’re brutish soldiers in a fantasy world and it’s ‘just a game’, but games, movies, and books all try to touch us emotionally, and Gears of War did that for me. I love the franchise (except you, Judgment, stop following me around).

Gears of war 4 Pre-Order

If the Brothers to the End Elite Gears pack included a Dominic Santiago in his prime, I would be much happier. See him at his best, you know? Not something that looks like a joke taken out of Shaun of the Dead, almost imagining Marcus and zombie Dom hanging out in a shed playing video games together. As for ‘Tomorrow Anya’ and ‘Old Man Marcus’, I have no problem at all with these two.

I for one will be boycotting the zombie Dom character. I’d hate to see my Gears friends using him as well. Maybe I am just a bit touchy on the subject, and I know multiplayer gameplay in Gears isn’t canon, but I have a bit of respect for this fictional character, and I think The Coalition have made a silly mistake with this addition.

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