Youtuber cheats his way past Youtube’s copyright policy

guitar hero bark at the moon youtubeIn an era of copyright infringement and policies, it’s hard for some Youtubers to post up their successes in games, when the content gets penalised for featuring material such as imagery or music. One Youtube user found an awesome, entertaining way around it while playing Guitar Hero Smash Hits.

The Youtube video uploaded by GuitarHeroFailure shows the player reaching a 100% Full Combo on Ozzy Osbourne’s Bark at the Moon on expert guitar, and when his video didn’t process due to copyright infringement, he opted for a more acapella approach, by grunting and humming the tune of the song in time with the notes. It’s rather entertaining to watch, including the finale of “I hate this part, I hate this part, I hate this part” followed by a thank you to his 24 subscribers at the time. He now has over 7,000. Well done sir!

It would certainly make for a good ringtone however, am I right?

Acapella video game music was made rather popular over the years by a Youtube personality called Smooth McGroove although it’s safe to say that both individuals had different intentions in mind. Smooth McGroove takes classic video game tunes and acapellas each part to create brilliant harmonies and beats, and features his cat too!

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