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youtube gamingEarlier this week, Youtube launched its first dedicated channel, for video games. It’s the first genre to receive such treatment by the video streaming giant, proving how successful video games are on the streaming service.

Without question, Youtube Gaming is a clear competitor to Twitch, the livestream service owned by Amazon, which sees millions of people check in daily to watch others play newly released titles, classic retro games, or livestreamed competitive multiplayer.

youtube gamingThe new service by Youtube has its benefits, although some users are having their issues with it. One positive aspect is that fairly unknown streamers and video makers will have a new chance to shine, and make a name for themselves. If anything, it can only get better, and seeing as it just launched on Wednesday, there’s still a lot of time to straighten the service out, and make it something for Twitch to keep an eye on. The competition will certainly help both platforms innovate, which can only benefit us, the gamers.

Back in June, when Youtube Gaming was announced, Twitch responded to the tweet with a hilarious dig that we all enjoyed. Twitch, taking the mick out of Youtube for starting the gaming service so late, mocks Google with their late-to-the-party social network, Google+, with the hashtag of ‘kappa’, which in Twitch terminology means ‘sarcasm’. Whether Youtube Gaming will surpass Twitch in the longterm is up for debate, but again, the competition is good for us.

You can check out Youtube Gaming here, and let us know what you think of it so far.

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