Xur selling the Gjallarhorn in Destiny this weekend

destiny xur GjallarhornIt could be your lucky day, or lucky weekend, if you’re a Destiny player who is missing out on the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, a favourite amongst the hardcore player base, suitable for boss battles, and a hated weapon by Crota.

You can pick up the Gjallarhorn for 17 strange coins, which isn’t too bad whatsoever, but after this weekend, it looks like the weapon will be widely accessible amongst players. There may be some of you in the Destiny community who have only heard about the Gjallarhorn, so below, we’ve included a video review of it, by RifleGaming, who has some complimentary words about it.

Other items for sale this week include the Light Beyond Nemesis, An Insurmountable Skullfort, and Achlyophage Symbiote. Xur can be found at the bar near the jukebox, probably listening to the Backstreet Boys, although he’ll deny having any interest in them….

Destiny’s The Taken King releases to the masses on September 15th, so maybe Bungie are trying to hint to fans that they’ll need the Gjallarhorn, who knows? It’s not the first time it has been sold by Xur though, so it might just be coincidence that it’s on sale again. Let us know, are you still trying to get your hands on it, and will this weekend sale benefit you?

[Source: RifleGaming]

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