XCOM 2 stat tracker shows that war is very, very grim

XCOM 2 artXCOM 2 has been with us for a matter of a week, and developer Firaxis have launched a statistics tracking website to let the world know how miserable our forces are getting on. It’s grim, very grim, and XCOM 2 does not sound like a walk in the park as far as difficulty goes.

At the time of writing, 4,841,748 battles have been won, and only 24% of them have been flawless. That probably means that 24% of the battles had no human casualties which is good. Probably a lucky individuals in that group!

What’s extremely interesting is that nobody has yet to finish the game. Game completion is at zero, and this is more likely down to the game’s difficulty than it is to the game’s length. You’d expect that after a full week that a decent number of players would have finished the main story line, but that is not the case. Hooray for brutally hard single player games!

xcom 2 stats screen58,447,069 aliens have been vanquished in total, with a graph below showing which ones have fallen the most. This number shall rise rather quickly and in a weeks’ time, this article will be so outdated! It is also said that 4,553,617 XCOM soldiers have given their lives to save Earth, which is tragic. This game does not give you a break, does it?! 9% of them were left behind to die on the battlefield while 2% lost their lives to friendly fire. Watch where you throw those grenades, soldier! Interestingly enough, 66% of XCOM unit deaths fell on collateral damage. That’s something!

xcom 2 statisticsAs for the toughest enemies, the Trooper who is under control of the aliens is the most deadliest, responsible for 47% of all XCOM soldier deaths, followed by another human, the Officer with 22% of kills, and then we have the famed Sectoid, dealing 11% of all deaths. Pesky buggers!

Lastly, there’s a list of all soldiers and promotions which we’ll let you look at yourself. Certainly some interesting facts over all, and we wonder who will be the first to save Earth from the alien tyranny!

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