Xbox’s Black Ops 3 Beta Not Working? Here’s a Workaround!

black ops 3 screenPeople have been struggling to get into the Xbox One Black Ops 3 beta due to Xbox Live issues, but thanks to Reddit users we have a easy enough fix.

The issues arose last night when gamers who entered their codes were greeted with error messages. At first it was thought to be an issue at Treyarch’s side, but soon afterwards we learned that it was Xbox issues with Purchase and Content Usage.

Rather than waiting for Xbox to fix the issue, Reddit users have found a way to get up and running, which I have tested myself and can confirm works.

To redeem your code:

  • Go to
  • Change your region to Brazil (click the location at the bottom of the page in the grey bar)
  • Log-in
  • Enter the Redeem code

If you are struggling to find where to go, here’s a direct link to the redemption page. Just click on the big green button and enter the code. Be sure to change your region back once it is accepted.

Why does this work? Don’t have a clue, but all that matters is it works!

Will you be playing the beta? Have you had these issues? Let us know in the comments!

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