Xbox Survey questions Gears of War 4 players

Beta gears of war 4The Xbox team have recently sent out a survey to Xbox fans regarding Gears of War 4 and where improvements to the series or title may be needed. Having just completed the 10 minute survey, I thought I would talk about it with other Gears fans and see what they have to say on a few aspects of it.

First up, what influenced me to buy Gears of War 4? Well, I’ve played through the whole series, and as a fan, I wanted more Gears. Simple enough. But as for the questions, it was hard to specify why I chose certain answers. I had no real interest in the new characters when going into the game. They were strangers to me, and I knew one of them was the son of the series’ main character.

As well as that, I bought it for the multiplayer, as well as Horde which is absolutely brilliant in this one. I didn’t buy Gears of War 4 for its visuals, as I prefer gameplay anyway, but it certainly looks great. It’s a franchise I love, and a change in direction for the story which isn’t too bad either.

gears of war 4 surveyComparing Gears of War 4 to other shooters is hard to do, because it’s a third person cover shooter as opposed to a First-Person Shooter, which are way more available. As a third person shooter though, it’s smooth, fast and mechanically, it’s fun too. However, the Gnasher shotgun rules all, and I made a point later on in the survey about how other weapons prove useless in the face of a good Gnasher user.

It looks good, the new campaign was enjoyable, the weather effects were great, and it had a touch of humour thrown in. Can’t really fault the weapon variety either, and the addition of Bounties in multiplayer doesn’t take away from the game in any way; it just gives you something to aim for in each match you play.

gears of war 4 survey

For new players, I think Gears of War 4 is accessible in terms of the story. It begins with a history lesson which was fantastic, and you get to meet new characters, so newcomers and veterans are on the same page from the get-go. Jump into multiplayer versus though, and it can be extremely off-putting at first. Same goes for any shooter I guess. But Gears can be very, very frustrating to deal with.  I would argue with the matchmaking feature of the game, which tends to throw me up against teams of experienced, team-working players, which can have you finishing a game on the bottom of the scoreboard, empty of any enjoyment or satisfaction.

gears of war 4 surveySo, what does it better than Gears of War 4? In terms of matchmaking, I have only played a selection of the choices available. Recently, I have been spending a lot of my time on Titanfall 2, and I find that even in a bad game, I can still play well and end the game with a positive feeling. Unlike Gears, where the controller feels like it should be mounted on a wall indefinitely.  I also argued about the DeeBee robots, who I found to be overused, and extremely dull to battle against. Just me? Probably not.

gears of war 4 surveyIn terms of Gears of War 4’s game modes, there’s enough variety for a triple A game, with a 10 hour campaign, collectibles to find, a deep versus mode with loads of variety in modes, and then the excellent Horde mode. Sure, it’s lacking some modes like Wingman which may come in the future, but overall, I feel it just needs more maps. I know we get two new maps every month going forward, which is great, but seeing the same locations pop up so regularly gets tiresome.

gears of war 4 surveyNow, a direct question about the multiplayer versus modes which in all honesty, is the long term aspect of Gears of War 4. Sure, you can enjoy the campaign and Horde mode, but versus features the staying power of the series.

Map balancing is pretty good. All maps are generally symmetrical, so it’s the same for both starting points, and the weapon placements are equal in that respect too. As I said above, some new maps would help offer more variety as soon as possible, but the weapon balancing is a key issue. Primarily the standard starting weapons versus the Gnasher shotgun.  As for the credits for each game and the spending of them on card packs, I’m fine with. A bit of a low payout for most modes, but it’s only for cosmetic items and new Bounties.

gears of war 4 survey

Lastly, we come to this, the top three elements that The Coalition could improve on in Gears of War 4. Do you want more customization options? How about more players in Horde mode? Bigger lobbies in versus mode or a four player co-op campaign again? I think it’s too late to modify the player count on campaign as fans would have already spent their time on it. Unless story DLC allows for it? We shall see.

What improvements would you like to see in Gears of War 4?

gears of war 4 survey

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