Xbox summer update begins rolling out

cortana windows 10 xbox oneThe Xbox summer update began rolling out as of yesterday, adding new features such as Cortana, support for Background Music, updates to the Store and more. The update should pop up when you turn on your console, if it hasn’t happened yet or if you’re using Instant On power mode.

Major Nelson and Mike Ybarra run you through the new features in the following video, showing Facebook friend finder, the new store layout, as well as how Cortana works. It’s worth getting used to the phrase of “Hey Cortana’, instead of “Xbox” going forward, however both will still work.

In the preview of the update, only Cortana worked, but now that it’s rolling out, both will be available. If you want to know what Cortana can do for you, say “Hey Cortana, what can I say?” and a list of commands will snap to the side of your screen. Cortana commands will work with a headset, whereas Xbox commands will still require Kinect.

Background music is also another massive addition, finally, which is available with this update. Spotify won’t be available directly on Xbox, but you can stream it from another device like your phone, tablet or desktop if you wish. Pandora works as well, as shown in the video.

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