Xbox Reputation System to undergo surgery

xbox one reputationThe Xbox One’s Reputation System is soon to receive an update to its way of performance, according to¬†Director of Program Management for the Xbox and Windows Platform at Microsoft.

In his tweet last week, Mike Ybarra said “We’re looking at reputation and have changes in the works. More on this soon.” As it stands, there isn’t much versatility in the system, with a bit of colour coding to display whether a player is a ‘fair’ player or a not very nice one.

“The more hours you play fairly online without being reported as abusive by other players, the better your reputation will be,”according to Microsoft. “The algorithm looks to identify players that are repeatedly disruptive across the community on Xbox Live. The vast majority of players do not regularly receive feedback from other players and, thus, will stay at the ‘Good Player’ reputation level.”

xbox one reputation

The Xbox 360 used a good system, which was more specific. The varying stats displayed user complaints based on Trash Talk, Disruptive gameplay, Aggressive, Unsporting and Quit Early, which were all removed on the following console. Unfortunately, back then and even today, people have the habit of ‘reporting’ another player even if they weren’t guilty of anything. Lose to somebody on FIFA, report them for being abusive or unsporting. Get killed by a more skillful player on Call of Duty (yeah, we know, blame the lag), and you will get negative reputation despite just being good at the game.

xbox 360 reputationThe system requires a bit of work, but generally speaking, if you got bad rep too often, you could get suspended for a day or even a week, seeing larger penalties incurred the more you were suspended. Many of us suffered suspensions for no reason, due in part to gamers abusing the Rep system.

While a new Xbox Dashboard update is on the way, we’re not sure if this will come as part of the November update, or if it will come early in the new year. The fact that it is being addressed can only be a good thing.

[Source: Twitter]


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