Xbox Onesie is so last year, how about an inflatable controller?

inflatable xbox one controllerLast year, Xbox Australia generated a fantastic buzz throughout the internet with the announcement of an extremely limited run of Xbox Onesie attire for both male and female gamers. They came in two colours, allowed you to stitch on your gamertag to personalize it, but ultimately were impossible to get your hands on. This year, they’re doing another dastardly piece of merchandise that would be amazing during your summer holidays.

Introducing, the inflatable Xbox One controller. A simple idea, a blow-up white Xbox One pad that lets you simmer in the heat during your sun-soaked holiday. What’s even more awesome, is that the Back and Start buttons, or known currently as the ‘view’ and ‘menu’ buttons are cut out, able to contain drinks, or your phone, or your actual pad if you like to live dangerously!

The Microsoft Store is hosting a giveaway on their Facebook page over here, for your chance to win one. It’s all in celebration of Australia Day which is celebrated annually on the 26th of January. It’s all just a bit of fun, but a good form of marketing if you don’t mind me saying! Thankfully it doesn’t come in black, I presume. The burnnnn!

xbox one inflatable

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