Xbox Onesie avatar items for everyone!

xbox onesie blackRemember when Xbox Australia revealed some really awesome looking, rare Xbox Onesies? I know, the name is perfect! Well, we have good news and some bad news. The bad news, is that you will probably never get to own one in real life, which is truly a shame. The good news, is that your avatar can wear one, for free!

Yep, Major Nelson was able to make an arrangement with the Avatar Store team and have both the black and white Onesies replicated digitally, and both are now available for male and female avatars, in both colours. If you’re interested in downloading them, head to the links below, or to the Avatar Store on your console or Windows 10 pc. The outfits are free too, which is great! A nice little touch for a Friday afternoon.

Xbox Onesie – Women (Black)

Xbox Onesie – Women (White)

Xbox Onesie – Men (Black)

Xbox Onesie – Men (White)

xbox onesie white

If you were one of the few who happened to get your hands on one in real life, send us a picture in the comments, just to rub our noses in it 😛

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