Xbox One VR rumours escalate

oculus rift xboxAccording to a post on NeoGaf, a section of the official E3 website has been updated with a listing of studios due to show off content for Xbox VR. Interesting to say the least, with Sony having already announced and revealed the PlayStation VR due for release this year, while Hololens is Microsoft’s AR headset, that isn’t targeting gaming in a similar fashion.

So what’s this all about? Rumours suggest that Microsoft will strike a deal with Oculus to allow the headset to work with the Xbox One. However, the Xbox One (or any other current gen console) isn’t powerful enough for the Oculus Rift, meaning a more powerful device would need to be released to make it work properly.

The E3 website has added an Xbox One VR category which features four studios, which includes Rebellion, Maximum Games, Readily Information Company and 3DRudder.

battlezone vr playstation vr oculus rift xbox

Rebellion have developed a game called Battlezone VR for Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, Maximum Games are developers and publishers of many games including Rugby 15, Farming Simulator 15 and Sniper Elite. We could go on, but like you, I want to see what comes about at E3 on June 14th and I can’t wait.

Still, the idea of upgrading both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to be able to use VR headsets has divided the fan base of both communities, and while it might not be great for our pockets, it’s definitely exciting for the games industry as a whole.

[Source: NeoGaf]

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