Xbox One update will soon let you view parties before joining them

new xbox one experienceSince the release of the New Xbox One Experience in November, fans have had their fair share of likes and dislikes about the new User Interface. One of the most annoying changes universally was the inability to see who was in a party before you joined it. This will soon be addressed in an upcoming update.

Since the re-release of the party system on Xbox One (it’s crazy to think it was even absent to begin with at launch!), you could see who was in a party before you joined in. Since November, there is no way of knowing, unless you’re a friend of a number of the people and can see the party chat symbol next to their gamertag. This doesn’t always mean they’re in the same party however.

Mike Ybarra of Xbox tweeted this sort video this¬†week hinting at what’s to come. You can see him clicking on a gamertag in his friends list, along with a new option which allows him to view who is in the party before opting to join it. Admit it, we all have that one person we don’t want to speak to, who is annoyingly part of the friend circle. Soon you will be able to prepare in advance for their presence, or choose to avoid them entirely.

[Source: Twitter]

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