Xbox One S Will Upscale Games To 4K

xbox-one-sTo settle the confusion about the Xbox One S and its 4K features, Xbox’s ‘Qwik’ took to Twitter to confirm the yet-to-be released console’s ability to upscale games.It has been a hot topic amongst the Xbox community since the E3 reveal earlier this month and many people, myself included, assumed the 4K only applied to Blu Ray movies. It has been confirmed, however, that the Xbox One S will upscale all games to 4K.

The sleek, new Xbox console features 4K video playback, meaning you can watch 4K tv shows and Blu-rays through your Xbox One, making this the cheapest 4K Blu-ray player on the market at launch.

xbox one s

The Xbox One S is scheduled for release this August and comes with 2TB of storage for €399/£349, with cheaper options coming later, depending on hard drive space offers.



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