Xbox One digital trade ins in recent Xbox survey

Xbox OneAccording to various posts across NeoGaf and the internet, it appears that a recent Xbox customer survey is asking fans if they would be interested in the idea of trading in digitally downloaded titles in return for some store credit.

The survey asks fans how they would feel about the idea of trading in a digital title and receiving a 10% rebate on the game’s price. Assuming you bought a game for $60 or £60, you would get 6 quid back in your Xbox account, with you having the option to put that towards a new release if you will.

The general response from the gaming community says that 10% is too low for such a rebate, but without it, you get nothing, and just have an old, unplayed game resting in your account, gathering digital dust. It’s been a long time since I’ve traded in old games, and considering I buy all my new releases digitally now, I have no recent recollection of current trade-in prices and values.

xbox one digital trade in

Perhaps something a little more than 10% would be reasonable, depending on the title perhaps, but it’s not like another player can come along and buy a used digital title, complaining that it’s scratched or damaged. All that’s happening is that the seller no longer owns the license for the game, and can no longer play it on their Xbox One. The option is fair, but the return might not be up to expectation just yet. At least Microsoft are offering fans the opportunity, and are scoping out the territory.

[Source: NeoGaf]

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