Xbox One background music won’t happen until summer

Xbox One musicBack on the Xbox 360, one of its most useful features other than the playing of games or watching streamed video, was the ability to play music while you played. This feature has been missing since the launch of Xbox One, and it looks like fans still have to wait.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox said that it “Won’t be before summer sorry to say.” It’s possible to have music playing via a snapped app as far as I’m aware, but that’s not the same when it cuts down the size of your gaming screen.

With the likes of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Forza Motorsport 4, I used to create playlists on my classic iPod and make themed lists of war songs including many tunes from the Command & Conquer series and Starship Troopers’ theme for Battlefield, while I aimed for adrenaline rushing beats for racing in Forza. Those days are now gone. Hopefully the feature returns in a similar manner.

When last speaking about what’s to come on Xbox One with its monthly updates in October, Spencer said “We like the feature. It’s in the list of things we want to do, just behind other work we are doing right now.”

[Source: Twitter]

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