Xbox One Background Music update dated

Xbox One background musicSince the launch of the Xbox One in late 2013, fans have been eager to play their games with their own choice of music playing in the background. Unfortunately, the only way to do this was via a snapped app, which minimized the screen on which you were playing your game. Thankfully, the background music app is coming, and Microsoft has dated it.

The delay has been a pain, especially when you consider that the Xbox 360 had the background music feature for years, allowing you to plug in a USB stick or a classic iPod and play music directly off of it. I took advantage of it regularly during sessions of Forza Motorsport or Battlefield games with songs and soundtracks suitable to both games respectively.

Microsoft dated the Xbox One update for August 2nd, a month from now, which will arrive alongside the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This will also add Cortana as a voice control device, and replacing the need for Kinect to issue voice commands. Voice commands can then be completed using your headset.

It’s still unknown how background music will work on Xbox One, but we are sure to receive a preview version in the weeks to come, which will reveal more information. If a hard drive can be inserted, or a thumbstick with a bunch of songs arranged into a playlist, I’ll be happy!

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