Xbox One Audi special edition, joke or real thing?

xbox one s audiWhile scouring the interwebs for some news to share with our fine community, I came across a giveaway for a special edition Xbox One, to celebrate the release of Forza Horizon 3. Sure, we see loads of themed consoles, whether it’s Gears of War, Final Fantasy, Battlefield, you name it. But they all look like Xbox One machines. This one however, is a little…different!

Fancy winning one of a limited number of Audi bonnet shaped Xbox One consoles? Of course you do! The competition is being held on the Xbox DE (German) Facebook page, and the translation asks you to do the following in order to win:

And here she is! For the early access launch of forza horizon 3 win one of three world’s exclusive consoles in the audi r8 design!
So are you doing with:
1. Will be a fan of Xbox DE
2. The post like & comment
3. Tell us who your the toughest forza-rival is!

I can only assume it’s the Xbox One S model, to take full advantage of Forza Horizon 3’s HDR capabilities, but is it a joke, or will you actually win a console that looks like this?! You can even see the disc drive slot on the car’s right side (our left). Madness!

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