Xbox Live’s network issues unresolved overnight

xbox liveLast night, Xbox Live suffered another evening of dodgy connectivity, with fans including myself not being able to hop on and play digitally downloaded titles. Somehow, a few of us managed to get onto Rocket League following persistent restarts, but that was about it.

The Xbox Live Support page said that ‘Purchase and Content Usage’ was Limited, but upon looking up the service again this morning, it has only gotten worse. Purchase and Content usage is still Limited, and is now joined by TV, Music and Video as well as Xbox Live Core Services. The latter is the worst part, and when you see that pop up, you know things aren’t good.

xbox live is downXbox tweeted out saying that the company’s top engineers are on the case, but of course they would say that. For a service that gamers pay annually for, they should be able to rest assured that they are paying for a reliable, stable connection. It’s unknown if a DDoS attack is involved, or some kind of hack, and nobody has claimed responsibility for it if so.

All we can do is hold out and hope for a fix. It will surely come in time, but how long must fans wait to play games they already own, new games due out this week (Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 arrives in the US and Canada today), and watch TV apps? Being asked to insert the disc to watch Youtube is just a bit frustrating at this stage…

[Source: XboxSupport]

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