Xbox Live Rewards bonuses being sent out to fans

xbox live rewardsA source has informed us that they have received a $25 gift code from Xbox in relation to the Xbox Live Rewards program. The source in question has received the bonus based on their last five years of commitment to the Xbox, and it’s likely that other Xbox players may have been sent some form of reward.

We asked for a copy of the email, and hiding the code and source’s gamertag, you can see the image below. The text reads “This December, we’re looking back at five years of rewarding you as a valued VIP. Your passion for Xbox has helped make all of this possible, as well as earned you Rewards on eligible purchases of games, movies, TV shows, and more. So to show you how much we value your dedication, please accept this $25 Xbox Gift Card—no strings attached!

Redeem your code either at or on your Xbox console. Use it to keep on doing the things you love on Xbox—and on December 15, follow the link below to take part in our fifth-anniversary celebration and grab your share of even more take-home Rewards!

Congratulations, and thank you.”

xbox reward bonusAnother source on Reddit has stated that they have received a $50 gift code for their support of the Xbox Live Rewards program, so that’s certainly interesting! If you have received an email with a similar bonus being sent to you, be sure to let us know so we can get a grasp at how common these bonuses are. We trust our source, so take this as legitimate as possible.

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