Xbox Head Phil Spencer Not a Fan of Third Party Exclusivity

Phil-SpencerIn an interview with IGN, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that he is not “huge fan of” third party exclusivity and, as you may have noticed since he took over, they have been doing less of it.

Final Fantasy XIV has been on the PlayStation 4 for a few years now, as well as on PC, but no announcement has been made in regards to an Xbox One version, and that doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon with Spencer saying that it is down to business and platform exclusivity.

Spencer couldn’t go into too much detail, but he did say, “it’s business. As I’ve grow in this role, and I’ve tried to learn the third-party exclusivity thing – and you see us doing less of it now – [I’ve found] it’s not something I’m a huge fan of.”

“Different kind of deals happen, and I know that’s part of this business, and maybe it’ll be my failing in the end. But it’s not something I specifically embrace with any deal that’s out there, whether it’s something else. It’s just not something I can explicitly talk to.”

That said, the main reason why Final Fantasy XIV in not on Xbox One seems to be less about exclusivity and more about Xbox Live’s policies regarding cross-platform play, at least according to game director Naoki Yoshida. Regardless, we can all agree that less third party exclusivity is a good thing.

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