Xbox Games with Gold for June rumours

Games with GoldAs we approach the final week of May, rumours as to what free games Xbox players will be getting with Games with Gold have been circulating. An image cropping up online suggests that Red Dead Redemption will be coming, along with two other great games. But is this picture legit?

While I can’t find the original source for the below image, it has appeared in various pages on social media. Games supposedly being offered in June include Ryse: Son of Rome (makes sense), Lichdom: Battlemage (probable), and Red Dead Redemption, which as many of us now, appeared briefly one weekend on Xbox One backwards compatibility. You may also spot Bioshock Infinite as the bottom title, but with the Bioshock Collection on the way, would it be a good idea to release that on Games with Gold, impacting the collection’s sales?

games with gold june rumourElsewhere, rumours are circulating about a possible Forza Motorsport 5 offering. This could just as easily be true, being another launch title like Ryse: Son of Rome. Hell, it could even be Dead Rising 3.

Watch Dogs is also another rumoured title, according to Vine Report, although their article suggests it may be coming to PlayStation 4’s PS+ selection. With Ubisoft likely to reveal Watch Dogs 2 at E3 this year, it would be a good time to win fans over with a free copy of the original game, whether you played it or not.

We don’t have too long to wait, and should have a definitive answer by this coming Friday, surely.

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