Xbox gamers unhappy with the price of CEX

world at war cexWith the announcement yesterday that Call of Duty: World at War was becoming available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility, there was a rather upbeat response with many enjoying the news and the opportunity to return to one of Treyarch’s earliest Call of Duty titles. It was also a great occasion for used game re-sellers, like CEX.

We’re not saying that it’s only CEX who are guilty, but any retailer selling copies of World at War for the Xbox 360 will be tempted to raise the price of the game, due to the fact it now holds more value as a backwards compatible title.

CEX is usually cheap and cheerful, and a guilty pleasure for many on a Friday evening after a long week of work. What better way to unwind, than sliding your hands into your trousers, grabbing hold of your… wallet, and handing over a few quid for an old game you missed out on a few years ago? Aww yeah.

Looking at the screenshot below, you can see the prices before the backwards compatibility announcement, and the prices afterwards. You can’t blame CEX, as we said, but it’s interesting to see it jump so quickly. The same happened when Black Ops became backwards compatible, as well as demand skyrocketing for it which happened similarly with  Red Dead Redemption.

pricehike cex world at war pricehike cex world at war

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