Xbox fans demand Sea of Thieves goes to PlayStation, “if we’re getting No Man’s Sky”

sea of thievesXbox fans were outraged earlier this week when they learned that No Man’s Sky; previously exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC, was going to be arriving on the Xbox One platform later this year. “We can’t be having two lacking-in content titles on our Xbox,” they spouted in anger, and who can blame them?!

Xbox fanboys gathered en masse to defend their platform, and demanded on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and other popular platforms that if we’re getting No Man’s Lies, which released in such a state, with lacking content and no shaggin’ multiplayer, then it’s only right that Microsoft have to allow the release Rare’s Sea of Thieves on the PlayStation 4 soon as well, which also lacks content, but at least offers multiplayer.

Phil Spencer said on Twitter “We know Xbox fans are wary of the lack of exclusives on the Xbox, and at Xbox, we don’t like exclusives anyway. Everyone should be able to enjoy all games. Having No Man’s Sky coming to the Xbox One is an epic win, especially on the One X with 4K support and HDR.”

no man's sky

The fanboys don’t like the idea of having ‘No Man’s Sea’/Sea of Lies as well as No Man’s Sky on their console, while PC fans just shrug off the whole ordeal. Microsoft will enter talks next week about porting Sea of Thieves to PlayStation 4, possibly with PSVR use as well, just to add an extra feature to calm the storm regarding the lack of content.

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