Xbox fans cancel Titanfall 2 pre-order because of PS4 disc

Titanfall 2We’re not even sure how to properly headline this article without exceeding character limitations, because it’s hard to some it up in a few words. One of Titanfall’s producers, Drew McCoy posted an image of the PlayStation 4 disc for Titanfall 2. As you know, the game went gold recently, which is great news. BUT, that image has since stirred the fanboy pot. Are you ready for this?

This image below was enough to send fanboys into a hissy fit, some saying that it was a jab at Microsoft, because Titanfall 2 will now be multiplatform unlike the first game which was only on Xbox and PC. Drew McCoy did make the comment of “green discs aren’t as sexy looking,” which at first glance may sound like a low blow at Xbox, but it in fact means a ‘test disc’. Not a finished product, retail disc.

Compiled via Gamezone is a handful of tweets and responses from Xbox fans threatening to cancel their pre-orders, all because a PlayStation 4 disc version of the game was promoted, and even saying ‘promoted’ is the wrong word. It’s not an official Twitter account, it’s a personal Twitter account by one of the game’s creators. Sit down!

It’s a sad state of affairs, and why we at 4-One started what we have now. This fanboyism in gaming is just an atrocious sight, and to cancel a pre-order of a game you are interested in, all because of the fact it will be multi-platform, available for more people to enjoy and experience, is just stupid and childish.

In the meantime, many of 4-One will be picking up the game at launch, and we’re excited to check out the new single player campaign as well as the awesome multiplayer experience that builds on the first game.

October 28th can’t come soon enough! Enjoy Titanfall 2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC. It’s your choice entirely!

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