Xbox Deals with Gold, November 24th

deals with goldWith the Black Friday Xbox deals already in full swing, why not make your decisions even harder, or your pockets even emptier, with this week’s Xbox Deals with Gold? The deals are certainly more interesting than what we’ve seen in the past few weeks, so give them a good seeing to.

Call of Duty Black Ops III’s Digital edition is only 10% off, but as is the case every year, Call of Duty rarely gets a price drop, especially so soon. Another Killer Instinct character gets discounted this week, this time being Maya at 80% off. Metal Gear Solid V is 25% off for those who may have been holding out, and there’s also 25% off WWE 2K16 if you feel your library is lacking in a good brawler.

On the Xbox 360’s Deals with Gold, SKATE is discounted, and its worth noting that SKATE 3 will be next for backwards compatibility. Get that for 50% off now! Burnout Paradise is another back compat title which is also on sale, as well as its DLC. Both are 50% off this week. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is 67% off, and is one of my personal favourites in the series. All in all, some good deals, but too much of those in-game microtransactions for sale!

Xbox One Deals with Gold

Xbox 360 Deals with Gold

[Source: Major Nelson]

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