Xbox Deals with Gold, November 1st

deals with goldIt’s a quiet week on this week’s Xbox Deals with Gold deals and discounts sale. After the Shocktober deals of last week, and with the new releases recently, you may save some pennies or cents by avoiding these deals. Have a look anyway, and see if anything stands out for you.

Then again, if you have been holding off on getting FIFA 17, this might be the time to jump in, with 30-35% off the standard and Deluxe versions. For a beefy collection of games, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is a steal at 60% off. Borderlands 2 alone is worth the asking price with its immense amount of additional DLC content included in the game.

Evolve is 60% off, but unfortunately support has stopped for this game indefinitely, and while the servers will continue for a few more years perhaps, no new content or updates will be coming along.

Xbox One Deals with Gold
Xbox 360 Deals with Gold

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