Xbox Deals with Gold, Jan 10th

deals with goldThis week’s Xbox Deals with Gold are now live, and it’s a pretty focused list of titles for both platforms. Variety is somewhat lacking this week which is rather odd, but there still might be something for you in here.

If you have been meaning to get into Rock Band 4, this week is the right time, assuming you still have a wired guitar or drumkit. You can grab the Rock Band Rivals bundle for 30% off. On the Xbox 360, all of the Tropico 3 and 4 content is discounted, and you can’t go wrong with a bit of Tropico in your life. However, neither game is backwards compatible on the One.

Otherwise, you have Binaries at half price, Castles at 25% off, Earthlock for a third off, which was free with Gold a long time ago, and Fortified for 50% off. Saints Row 4 is in there somewhere, as well as Just Sing, to exercise your vocal chords.

Xbox One Deals with Gold
Xbox 360 Deals with Gold

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