Xbox Countdown Sale – Final Daily Deal

xbox countdown saleThe Xbox Countdown Sale may be continuing on into its second week, but today sees the finale of the Daily Deals. Today, it goes out with a bang, with some more appealing offers than we’ve witnessed since the holidays began.

Dead Island Riptide for the Xbox 360 is 80% off, and is the sequel-esque follow up to Dead Island. Dying Light is also half off for the Xbox One, and better yet, it’s getting a free update in the new year that boosts its visuals and mechanics, so that’s an awesome purchase right there.

Escape Dead Island is a another spin off of the zombie survival adventure which is 80% off, but wasn’t received well, critically. Outlast is great if you want to loosen up your bowels and scare your friends and partner. The weekly Countdown Sales can be found here otherwise.

[Source: Major Nelson]

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