Xbox Black Friday Deals, 2016

xbox black friday 2016It’s that time of year again, where shoppers queue for hours outside of huge malls and stores, while the smart shoppers like us hover over the refresh button on our favourite retail websites and digital marketplaces. It’s time for the Xbox Black Friday sales. Let’s see what’s on offer.

As the week progresses, new games will be added to the list, but there’s a few on sale right now as the deals kick off. If you’re a Gold member on Xbox, you also get an additional discount. Here are the spotlight sales, and below the video, you can see what’s on offer all week.

Xbox Black Friday Games (Xbox One):
• Battlefield 1: save 30%, Gold saves 40%
• FIFA 17: save 30%, Gold saves 40%
• NBA 2K17: save 20%, Gold saves 30%
• Forza Horizon 3: save 25%, Gold saves 35%

Xbox Black Friday Games (Xbox 360):
• Red Dead Redemption: save 40%, Gold saves 50%
• Call of Duty Black Ops: save 40%, Gold saves 50%
• Skate 3: save 40%, Gold saves 50%
• Madden 17: save 30%, Gold saves 40%

Xbox Black Friday Deals (Xbox One)

Xbox Black Friday Deals (Xbox 360)

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