Xbox avatars will soon include wheelchair accessibility

xbox avatar wheelchairXbox avatars first made their appearance in 2008 when Xbox Live introduced the New Xbox Experience, or NXE for short. On Xbox One, the NXOE was introduced last year, but avatars haven’t been as fully integrated as we had hoped just yet. The avatars let us create virtual representations of ourselves, with gaming attire, t-shirts and hats, but it didn’t include everyone, until now. Next up, is a wheelchair inclusive option.

Without requiring petitions of any sort, as Phil Spencer, head of Xbox stated on Twitter, wheelchairs will soon become a new feature for Xbox avatars. Video games are inclusive for many people out there, even those with disabilities.

While there are many who suffer from diseases, illnesses and even paralysis, being able to play a game and experience another life and adventure is one of the true beauties of the gaming world, and this new avatar option will please many gaming fans out there.

It may seem like a minor feature to some, but the overall feeling of inclusion and unity is the driving force behind this, in my opinion. On a side note, you may also notice how the avatars have changed in appearance and dimensions.

We expect to hear more on that in the near future. In the meantime, GG Microsoft/Team Xbox.

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