Xbox Avatars receiving an update later this year

xbox avatars 2017For the first time since 2008, the Xbox Avatars are receiving an unnecessary, but certainly welcomed change later in 2017. The new look, first teased last year, will make avatars look more realistically proportioned, and offer new and exciting ways to customize your digital self to represent the kind of person you are.

The tease came last July when Phil Spencer responded to an Xbox fan on Twitter relating to players with physical disabilities who felt unrepresented in digital form, before Mike Ybarra of Xbox chimed in with an image of an avatar in a wheel chair. It was touching stuff.

At E3 this week, but not revealed at the main briefing, a new trailer was released showcasing the new avatars as well as a range of facial animations, body animations, clothing, accessories and more. You can see that trailer below.

The avatar update comes in Fall of 2017 but a question has been raised regarding existing items that we’ve acquired or purchased for premium prices over the years. Will they be transferred over? The Xbox Avatar store is full of great costumes and accessories and it would be a shame to see them disappear.

Let’s hope the Avatars are put to good use going forward, and maybe cross our fingers in hope of another Doritos Crash Course game or something similar!

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