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achievement unlockedAchievement tracking website, TrueAchievements posted an article on July 31st, pointing out that the Xbox platform, had published its 100,000 Achievement. When the Xbox 360 launched on November 22nd, 2005, there were 415 Achievements to unlock. Just under 10 years later, Achievements have come a long way.

To celebrate the milestone, TrueAchievements created a list of interesting statistics, showcasing the most unlocked Achievements, how many are now unattainable (server shut downs, games removed from sale etc), and total available Gamerscore. It’s all rather interesting, and rather exciting too! The Achievement system is an amazing feature, as simple as it is, and encourages us to try out different things in our games that we might have completely overlooked. The inclusion of them allows us to learn more about our games, play them in different ways, and help us remain committed to finding all collectibles in any given game world. And let’s not forget about the famous *plink* sound when you hit that target to get your Achievement.

There is more information to follow the image below:

true achievements xboxTrueAchievements goes even further, publishing a table which represents the most popular Achievement value. For example, the most used Achievement point is 10 points. Some games used to offer 250 points for achieving certain successes, but those totals have reduced considerably. Here’s the grid below:

Achievements points total

“As you might have guessed, the most popular value for an achievement is 10 GamerScore! What you may not have guessed is that there are over 1,000 (that’s over 1% of the total) zero pointers, and also over 1,000 thirty-five pointers!” writes TrueAchievements.

There are too many grids and statistics to post, without plagiarising TrueAchievements’ work, so if you want to see the stats for yourself, head on over to their site and check out the article.

[Source: TrueAchievements]


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