WWE 2K17 MyCareer mode trailer

wwe 2k17 mycareerPaul Heyman has introduced WWE 2K17’s new MyCareer mode, which looks like it’s making the experience a little bit deeper than last year’s iteration. Heyman will play a big role in this year’s MyCareer, and it’s up to you whether you want to become a ‘Heyman guy’, or suffer the consequences from Brock Lesnar.

Do you do what you’re told, or do you go down your own road? Do you try sell a bunch of t-shirts and other merchandise to increase popularity, or do you just play the heel and side with other groups in the WWE? This time around too, you won’t have to spend so much time training in the NXT either. If you can prove yourself early on, you will be fast-tracked into the main roster of superstars.

“With the debut of the Promo Engine in WWE 2K17, players will be able to experience this vital aspect of sports entertainment in a whole new way. Promos can be slotted into various segments of the show so you can decide the best time to talk about how great you are or call out a rival. Once your promo begins, you’ll have several talking points to choose from and a limited time to decide. As you make choices throughout your promo, a performance meter will show how effective your words are with the audience. Whether it’s rapturous cheers or thunderous boos, the more extreme the reaction you incite the better, boosting your face or heel rating, popularity, and bank account.”

“For the first time in MyCareer, players can make VC off of their merchandise. Design a shirt and wear it on a show as entrance or in-ring gear and fans will buy it based off of your popularity rating and skills in the ring and on the mic. This provides an alternate income stream if you decide to defy The Authority’s commands for a match that may involve unpopular actions and losing. You can play your way and still earn VC without feeling the sting of lost bonuses from Triple H.”

WWE 2K17 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC from October 11th.


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