WWE 2K16 roster to double in size

wwe 2k15If you’re a fan of the 2K WWE titles, and found WWE 2K15 somewhat lacking in the content department last year, we have some good news for you. Developer Visual Concepts revealed via Instagram of all places, that the roster for WWE 2K16 will be doubled in size.

Visual Concepts revealed that this year’s game will feature more than 120 characters, with 2K15 only featuring 67 wrestlers, certainly a selling point for the new title, which will release towards the end of this year.  As stated on the Instagram post;

For anyone doubting the ”largest roster ever” tag line for WWE 2k16, let us assure you, that we are bringing over 120 unique playable Superstars and Divas to the game. Now when we say unique, we’re not counting the repeats like 5 John Cena models, or 8 Mark Henry models. As you can imagine, these models are keeping us crazy busy, but it is worth it”.

wwe 2k16 rosterFans will no doubt enjoy this announcement, as 2K15 was certainly lacking compared to WWE 2K14 on last gen platforms. Of course, in the comments of the announcement, fans pleaded for more customisation options, including custom entrances, and more modes. Understandable, and highly likely. We shall hopefully hear more over the summer.

[Source: Instagram]


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