WWE 2k16 MyCareer Trailer

wwe 2k16 cover2K have released a new trailer for 2016’s WWE title, sharing a few details on the new features and additions to MyCareer mode, which wrestling fans can look forward to this October.

The first decision made for this year’s MyCareer is a good one. “We wanted to listen to the fans,” said Ramelle Ballesca, Game Designer for the MyCareer mode. Players will start out as one of the top rookies of NXT, and you will have the tools to tell your own story. You can choose to stay in NXT, or challenge for one of the many WWE titles. Your ultimate goal is to be entered into the WWE Hall of Fame.

A new feature being added is post-match interviews, where you will be asked a series of questions, allowing you to answer with multiple choice responses. This will help generate a growing alliance with some wrestlers, and rivalries with others. These can change back and forth over your 50 year career.


The Authority will also play a part in your MyCareer in WWE 2K16. Depending on how you react to their actions, whether opposing them or following them, can drastically change the path of your career. You will also have the ability to run down to the ring during an in-progress match, and either interfere with it, or distract the referee, which can help build an alliance, or help you build a trustworthy partner for a tag team match, which is also new to WWE 2K16’s MyCareer mode.

“No matter how you play, you’re going to have your own unique storyline in WWE 2K16,”Ramelle says at the end of the trailer.

WWE 2K16 will be available on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms on October 30th.

[Source: Youtube]

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