Worms WMD announced for 2016 release

worms wmdWorms is one of those franchises that you will always have fond memories of. Since its beginning in 1995, Worms have been with us for as long as we can remember, and has seen a massive list of titles across various platforms from pc to console and mobile. The most recent Worms title, Worms Battlegrounds released in 2014 on pc, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which to this day, retains the classic strategic artillery gameplay. Now, Worms WMD is on the horizon for 2016.

worms wmdTeam 17 have been perfecting the Worms formula for years, and at one point, ventured into the 3D realms to create an open world Worms experience. It was awkward for many, mainly those who don’t like change, and the following titles returned to their 2D planes that we were accustomed to. Worms WMD looks set to do the same again, only this time adding more features yet again. Worms WMD will allow you to “use exciting new vehicles and enter buildings which add new strategic elements of gameplay to the traditional wormy warfare.”

That to me sounds like great fun, if properly implemented. I would trust Team 17 though, as they know their Worms and what they’re capable of. Some screenshots were released, along with an ‘early 2016’ release window for PC and Xbox One so far. A PlayStation 4 release is also a high possibility.

worms wmd[Source: Gamespot]


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