Worms W.M.D review. Can it capture the magic of the original?

Worms W.M.DWe all have those games that we loved and enjoyed in our childhood. Many disappear with no sequels or evolve beyond recognition taking with it the magic that made the game so much fun to begin with. One of my favourite series is Worms which has just had a new game release called Worms W.M.D. So does their new version of the fan faveourite game retain that magic?

Worms is a series that has been on a lengthy journey and it’s a game that has a special place in my heart. First adorning our computers way back in 1995 its seen dozens of releases since, each trying to offer something new whilst keeping that core magic. Worms W.M.D then had not only a lot to live up too, trying to maintain all we know and love about Worms but it also had to make the game feel fresh enough to warrant gamers going out and buying it.


I’m pleased to say that I think they not only hit the nail on the head with this version of worms but they tossed a Holy hand grenade in and blew it out of the park entirely. Nothing will ever beat that early worms game in my mind, purely for nostalgic reasons but Worms W.M.D is certainly the best in the series since that game and is as near as makes no difference, on Par.

Worms W.M.D

Worms W.M.D doesn’t stray too far from the previous releases of the game but it does more than enough to bring a fresh, hilarious and most importantly, addictive fun feel to the game. It’s bright crisp visuals capture your attention, the sound is as you would expect, top notch with a sound bank of frankly stupendously brilliant  phrases and comments for your warrior Worms to shout . My personal favourite is the Survivor voice which makes you sound like Bear Grylls. The music and weapon sounds add to the atmosphere and give you that sense of familiarity that takes you back to your childhood.


Worms W.M.D brings with it a host of vehicles that you can utilise on the Battlefield. They’re fun and relatively simple to get used to and whilst they dish out a fair bit of punishment I never find myself cursing their effect on the battleground. Through the campaign you will find yourself at the controls of a tank, helicopter and a Mech robot. The tank fires off volleys of shells where ever you happen to aim whilst the helicopter rains down bullets . The mech slams its iron fists down onto the ground dealing out damage to those nearby.

Worms W.M.D

Team17 has included some brand new weapons as well, like the Dodgy Phone Battery, which chains electrical damage, or the O.M.G. Strike which obliterates a fair section of the map. Those who pre-ordered the game to get the All Stars pack will get plenty of themed unique weapons from other franchises, so fans of games like Payday 2, Team Fortress 2Yooka-Laylee, and even Rocket League will enjoy a surprising amount of weapon-based tie-ins.


A  nice touch that has made its way into Worms W.M.D  is the ability to craft and upgrade new weapons during gameplay. Collecting the parts required, you can use your opponents  turn to craft a weapon and/or add a new twist to an existing one, I highly recommend the angry donkey.

Worms W.M.D

This adds a strategic element to the game that we perhaps haven’t seen before  as you try to balance building that super destructive mega weapon whilst trying to survive the enemy onslaught. Another new feature is buildings which at first glance merely look like part of the landscape that you will do battle on but you can in fact enter these buildings and seek safety from the mortars raining down on you, at least until the building is blown away.


Playing Worms with friends is the best way to enjoy the game. There’s something deeply satisfying about watching your friends worms explode into a gravestone and enjoying victory. There’s all the options you know and expect there to be but the strange thing is that I have spent most of my time playing the games tutorials. Team 17 have done a fantastic job in this area as the tutorials are set out as challenges that not only teach you the games basics but it measures you and ranks you against others. I found myself playing these over and over, trying to shave off those vital milliseconds and even managed to get to 3rd in the world on the parachute tutorial which you can watch below.

In conclusion Worms W.M.D is a title that Team 17 can be proud of. They’ve created the best worms game to date (putting aside nostalgia for the original of course) and a game that that you will easily get hours and hours of fun from.  It’s not perfect, I encountered some questionable decisions from the AI at times, there’s the odd bug and it is easy to forget about the buildings until you get used to them but overall this game is brilliant. With Worms W.M.D, Overcooked and the upcoming yooka lay-lee, Team 17 are on something of a roll and hopefully there are young gamers falling for their games and creating happy memories just like I did all those years ago.

Worms W.M.D is out now for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One for £19.99

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