World of Warcraft Themed PS4 is a Killer!

World of Warcraft Themed PlayStation 4FOR THE HORDE!!! Have you been wanting to increase the attack damage of your PS4?  Just not satisfied with its death dealing potential? Well how about if you add spikes to it?

That’s exactly what Jriquelme Mods have done with this custom built World of Warcraft themed PS4, with Horde chains and spikes added to a wood like cover. Check out HD images over at his Imgur page.

The mod was created on special commission so if you want one your best bet is to contact him on his Facebook Page. He does loads of other cool mods also, such as this custom Tekken 7 PS4.

Tekken 7 Modded PS4


Is there any themes you would like to have for your console or PC? Maybe you have a modded console or PC already? Let us know and show us some pics if you can!

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