World of Warcraft subs continue to dwindle

World of WarcraftBack when the latest World of Warcraft expansion “Legion” was announced, we briefly covered WoW’s ever shrinking population after Activision revealed that the population had nearly halved, since they launched the most up-to-date expansion, “Warlords of Draenor”. So how are we looking today, nearly a month after it was last covered?

Well no better that’s for sure, but it’s still worth noting that the game still has an absolutely massive active community, with Azeroth’s population currently boasting 5.6 million players. To put that into some perspective, The World of Warcraft currently plays host to a bigger number of people than Norway. However, Blizzard were expecting a boost following the announcement of Legion, and actually subscription figures have dropped even further. Analysis to follow:

What we have to remember now, is that the game is over ten years old, and in that time the world of video games World of Warcrafthas advanced to a point where people have a lot more choice when it comes winding down with a good game. Which means that games like WoW, will be attracting less and less new people, and those who’ve already played it at some stage during its life all seem to share a common opinion. World of Warcraft was a great game back in the early days, especially when it was just at its core. Blizzard have changed a lot since then adding more and more with each patch and each expansion, nowadays it doesn’t take much to experience the end game content and while that might be great in terms of value for money and those who don’t have much time to play. But for the diehards who made the game what it is today, who strived for hours and hours, it’s just a lesser experience in total. I’ll try to explain a little better. Level 1-60 took a lot of effort in itself, but that was really just the beginning, upon hitting 60, your goal was to then ready yourself for the games 40-man raids. Then you had to find a guild willing to take you.

This wasn’t as easy as it sounds, and more often than not, dedicated players would still find themselves grinding for weeks on end before finally meeting the standards required. All of that is now gone and with it, so has the games appeal. Seeing a level 60 equipped with the best gear the game had to offer was a bewildering experience to anyone yet to reach end-game and if you saw the titles “High Warlord” or “Grand Marshall” in a player character name. World of WarcraftYour only option was to run in the opposite direction and hope they didn’t catch you.

These among other things, were what made World of Warcraft one of the best MMORPG experiences money could buy, and that made it worth the expensive monthly subscription costs. It’s difficult to see how Blizzard will win back that audience but hopefully their new expansion, will see some of the magic return. For now however, we’d like to ask anyone who is or was previously, a member in the World of Warcraft. What would you like to see changed by Blizzard? Be sure to let us know in the comment section!

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