World of Tanks is rolling onto PlayStation 4

world of has announced that their stellar free-to-play multiplayer title, World of Tanks, is making its way onto the PlayStation 4, including extra features exclusive to the PlayStation platform.

The 7 v 7 or 15 v 15 multiplayer tank combat game will include¬†Share Play and Vita Remote Play, and will also custom maps, custom tanks and custom skins exclusive to the PS4 version. PS Plus won’t be required to play the game, although we imagine many of you will already have a subscription. If you do, then will be offering you some extra goodies, although these haven’t been revealed yet. New features added to the Xbox One version should also be included, which adds a survival mode and training area to hone your skills in combat.

While no release date has been announced yet, there will be a beta which you can sign up for. You can register here.

This is fantastic news for PlayStation 4 fans, as we have had some great times on this on the Xbox platforms to date. The gameplay is straightforward to play, and playing with friends, like anything else for that matter, makes it all the better. With hundreds of tanks to choose from, this game will absorb hours of your life as you work your way up to Tier 10 tanks, upgrading as you go. Look forward to this in the near future.


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