World of Tanks Holiday mode

world of tanks holiday modeJoin in on some¬†special festive celebrations with the hottest Toy in town in your very own Garage. On World of Tanks for the coming days, grab the special toy tank and prepare for a battle firing suction-cupped darts while using presents, toy blocks and other playthings as cover!Emerge victorious from this diminutive holiday battle and you’ll get to celebrate your victory in a shower of wrapping paper and confetti. This battle may be pintsized in scale, but it’s still action-packed! The event runs from December 24th until December 28th, and is another fantastic holiday event to play with friends for a bit of fun,


Don’t even bother selling the Toy tank (why would you?) It has no monetary value, and once it’s lost, you won’t get another.

  • When the mode ends, the Toy tank and its Garage Slot will be removed
  • Crews (whether it be Crews provided for the Toy tank or your own) in the Toy tank when the mode ends will be sent to the Barracks
  • Consumables equipped on the Toy tank will be sent to the Depot

[Source: WorldofTanks]

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