World of Tanks getting massive Xbox One update

world of have announced that a massive update is on its way to World of Tanks on Xbox One. So massive, that the game will need to be fully reinstalled to integrate the update. There will be downtime prior to the update, which kicked off earlier, lasting from 2am – 8am PT.

The release of Update 2.2 Strikeforce is just around the corner. Along with a host of new content, this update includes changes that will significantly decrease loading times for World of Tanks on Xbox One. To achieve a better gameplay experience, we had to overhaul the formatting of files on Xbox One, which will require a re-download of the full game on Xbox One, estimated to be about 25gb. Once the update is made available, your Xbox One will automatically update in the background if you have that option turned on, or you will be prompted to update when you launch the game.”

german world of tanksThe German line is getting serious reinforcements with the arrival of an explosive artillery duo and a light tank known to run circles around foes. The Wespe (tier III) and Pz.Sfl.IVb (tier IV) will give low-tier German artillery tankers some deadly long-range alternatives to choose from.

Available soon in the Premium Store, the never-before-released Soviet BT-SV is set to challenge all opponents as the quickest, low-tier tank out there. This Premium tier III light tank sports unique, angled armor, with a potent, rapid-firing gun. Capable of training Soviet light tank crews while earning plenty of Silver, the BT-SV can zip around the battlefield at speeds of up to 62 kph, and comes with its own Ace Operation.

turtle world of tanksNot only that, but two new maps will also be joining the playlists, and they include the far east Dragon Ridge, to the war-torn city of Ruinberg. also stated in the post that some of your favorites are coming back in the rotation, including Westfield — where many tankers take a leap of faith — and the not-so-serene Lakeville, with both receiving a revamped look.

It was also announced this month that World of Tanks would be rolling onto PlayStation 4 this year. You can sign up for the beta and learn more here.

[Source: World of Tanks]

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