Wonder Woman Teaser Footage

Wonder WomanToday, there’s not one, but two movie trailers to get excited about today. First we had the Suicide Squad trailer, and now we have a few Wonder Woman teaser clips. Comic books fans are in for a great summer!

While what is shown is only a teaser and not a trailer in itself, it does shed some light on what we can expect in the future. Seeing the gorgeous Gal Gadot portray an iconic comic book hero with a 75 year legacy, I think she fits it rather well, although I’m not a hardcore comic book fan; I have a soft spot for Gal.

The Wonder Woman movie is not due until June 23rd, 2017 but we will certainly be seeing her in action in the Batman v Superman movie coming this March, as she joins forces with Batman and Superman to begin assembling the Justice League.

The 2017  movie will tell the origin story of Wonder Woman, so we shall be spending some amount of time of her story on Paradise Island where she was born and raised. What’s interesting too, and this may be considered a spoiler for those not of the diehard comic following, but the movie should be based in the 1920s, with possible sequels through time such as World War 2 and then a more modern setting. Still, her appearance in Batman v Superman may confuse a few fans before that.

[Source: The Arcade, Cinema Blend]

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