Witcher 3 Expansions Are “Almost The Size of The Witcher 2”

The Witcher 3In an interview with GameReactor, CD Projekt Red’s Konrad Tomaszkiewicz gave us an idea on just how big the two upcoming expansions are.

The last of the free DLC are almost rolled out, with a bit of a delay due to the 1.7 patch they wanted to get out as quickly as possible, and now the next thing to look forward to is the two expansions on the way. Between Hearts of Stone (10 hours) launching in autumn and Blood and Wine (20 hours) available early 2016, combined they are almost the size of The Witcher 2. Now there’s value for your money.

“The expansion packs will be whole new storylines with all elements you got in the main story: cutscenes, new characters, new items, new Gwent cards and many more,. They will be quite long. The first expansion will be around 10 hours and the second expansion will be around 20 hours… and I think it’s possible that they will be bigger, because it’s always like this (that when we plan some time or hours, it’s twice or something like this), but I’m not promising anything right now.

“Even now, if you sum up this 10 to 20 hours and you compare it to The Witcher 2, it’s almost the size of The Witcher 2. And it will be cool, it will be new stories, it will be very emotional stories and I think that people will be happy.”

Be sure to check out the whole interview over at GameReactor.

There looks to be a lot of new and awesome content on the way. It is going to be tough, but we will have to make time somewhere in order to play these in between the crap-load of games coming out. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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