Wishlists now available on PlayStation Store

ps4 wishlistA new update for the PlayStation Store allows you to make a wishlist of all the games you want. With all of the game releases due around this time of year, you might not have the money to buy them all. Now you can build a wishlist so you can track all the games that pique your interest, and grab them at a later date.

According to Destructoid, “Right now the feature is limited to the website and app, which means you’re unable to add to your list whilst browsing on your PS3 or PS4 console. Still – it’s a handy feature, and one that’s particularly welcome as we step towards the holiday season and eleventy gazillion games are released between now and Christmas.”

If it were to notify you of when a game is discounted in a weekly or seasonal sale, that would be a nice feature. It’s worth looking into, and can probably help keep you in the know regarding what’s out now and what you were meant to be saving your money for.

[Source: Destructoid]

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