Wipeout Omega Collection coming to PlayStation 4

wipeout omega collectionWipeout, a prominent racing series back in the 90s on both PlayStation, Xbox and eventually Nintendo looks set to be making a comeback on PlayStation 4, in the form of the Wipeout Omega Collection. The collection will feature three remastered titles, but lacks a particular one that would truly make this a must have.

The three remastered titles included in the Wipeout Omega Collection are Wipeout HD, Wipeout HD Fury and Wipeout 2048. The first two of the lot were made for the PlayStation 3, with Fury being an extension of HD, adding tracks and vehicles from the PSP version of the game. Wipeout 2048 was one of the launch titles for the PlayStation Vita, and now you will be able to enjoy it in full screen, with gorgeous high resolution output.

However, the list of remastered games in the collection leaves behind the original Wipeout, and more importantly, Wipeout 2097, which was probably the game that introduced many of you to The Prodigy with Firestarter as the title theme.

Each of the games will offer 4K support, high dynamic range graphics and are aiming for 60 frames per second visuals. An all new soundtrack is also promised, with the game set for take off in the summer of 2017. Hopefully a high level of interest will encourage a brand new follow-up, or the remaster of the original classics?

For those new to the Wipeout universe, the series is a futuristic racer on immense tracks that dip, dive and loop around crazy locations. Weapon pick ups are placed throughout the map, allowing you to battle your opponents, or take advantage of a well timed boost to clock fast lap times or avoid danger. The games feature multiplayer gameplay as well as a single player racing career.

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