The winners of E3 2016

a winner is you e3With a headline like that, you may expect to see a list of titles winning ‘best graphics’ or ‘biggest surprise of E3’ or ‘best show’, but that is not to be the case. The winners of E3 this year is the same winner as last year, and the year before that; the gamer.

Fair enough, you could say that this year was perhaps a little underwhelming, or disappointing. With all of the leaks and early reveals ahead of the annual showcase, it was hard to act surprised when the official announcement broke. I previously compared it to having Christmas spoiled, knowing in advance what you’ll find under the Christmas tree. The joy just wasn’t there.

Then I came across this gif on another page elsewhere, and it angered me. 4-One Gaming is all about the enjoyment of games, no matter the platform. We know that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo each have their own exclusives and their own agendas, but that’s business. Seeing someone creating gifs like this, promoting loyalty to a brand who just want your money (again, the goal of a business!) is just plain stupid.

However, in the comments to the above gif, some folks believed otherwise, saying it was Microsoft and the Xbox brand that ‘won’ E3, with their reveal of the Xbox One S model (the cheapest 4K Blu Ray player to be on the market) and Project Scorpio, the new more powerful Xbox platform coming in Holiday 2017.

But neither Microsoft or Sony won E3 for me. I was probably more disappointed with the games I didn’t see. New content for Grand Theft Auto V, such as story DLC, Crackdown 3 for the Xbox One, a new Red Dead or even the rumoured remaster of Red Dead Redemption. And what about those supposed streaming sticks for Xbox One?

Even the rumours of Crash Bandicoot coming back. They proved correct, but I’m not sure yet if people wanted a new Crash, or were happy with plans to remaster the three PlayStation titles.

Each publisher showed off their wares to the world, and for the most part, we got excited. We know what we’re spending our money on in the next year and onwards, and we can already hear our wallets and bank accounts squirming.

But the winner of E3 was you. It was me. It was us. Seeing the fanboys fight over who ‘won’ E3 is just pointless, keyboard warrior abuse and bullying. We’re all gamers, and here we are; segmented under various loyalties, thinking our brand of preference can’t do any wrong. Instead, we should be united under one flag, enjoying the games, enjoying the conversation about games, and thinking “these studios are doing a great job making these fantastic games for these publishers.”

fanboys discussing games

As an Xbox fan, I look at Insomniac’s Spider-man game with envy. I want to fight off zombies in Days Gone, I want to fly an X-wing in Battlefront VR with the PlayStation headset.

As a PlayStation fan, I want to explore the Australian locale in Forza Horizon 3, I want to chainsaw the Swarm in Gears of War 4, I want to command my UNSC army in Halo Wars 2.

We have the option to buy and play all of these titles. Sure, money is the primary factor, depending on your situation in life, and time is another thing. So many games, so little time. Can we not download extra time to enjoy these amazing games? I wish!

make love not console wars platform gaming

Who cares if a game is limited to one platform? It could either be the developer’s choice, it could have been a deal with the publisher. Last year, I was disgusted by the Street Fighter V exclusivity to PlayStation 4. I was equally disgusted by the Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusivity to Xbox One (and PC). At least the latter is coming to PlayStation in 2016. Street Fighter V will never makes its way to Xbox.

These decisions are out of my hands. But what I can play, I will enjoy. I won’t bully another gamer over having a game they can’t play, or insult them because I they don’t have the console to play a particular game. I’m not going to take sides. I may have a preference, but I’m not going to wave their flag in the face of the other side. Why would I?

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