Windows 10 Wireless Xbox One Adapter Finally Here!

Xbox One PC controller adapterNo longer must we search through drawers and bags of cables for a reasonably long USB, as Microsoft have announced that many western countries, including the US and UK, will now be able to get a wireless adapter for our PCs!

The adapter, which was announced at this years Games Developer Conference, is now available, carrying over all its features and costs $25/£20 (which is reasonable).

The adapter connects to PC’s via USB 2.0/3.0 and can communicate with eight controllers at once, which will definitely come in handy for the handful of couch co-op games when playing with friends.

This dongle is the most recent addition in bridging the gap between PC and Microsoft’s own console, the Xbox One. All the features definitely helps make the console more desirable to PC users, with gamers now being able to stream games from their Xbox One’s to their PC’s, and once VR headsets start dropping Xbox users can make use of that to have VR in their games also.

Xbox One PC controller adapter 2The dongle also helps facilitate cross-platform play that Microsoft have been taking steps to bringing, which includes games such as Fable Legends.

There is one major downside, and that’s the fact the dongle won’t work on older versions of Windows, meaning if you don’t upgrade to Windows 10 you won’t be able to make use of the adapter. Why? Who the hell knows. More than likely as an additional incentive for the upgrade, as well as to complement the streaming features.  However, you have loads of time to jump over for free if you’re an owner of Windows 7 or 8, as Microsoft will be allowing free upgrades until July 2016.

The dongle is definitely useful for PC gamers who prefer a gamepad over Keyboard and Mouse for some game. I myself play Skyrim and Fallout using the Xbox One controller, and would definitely be investing in this so I don’t have too fish out a USB cable every time. What are your thoughts though? Will you be getting the adapter? Let us know in the comments!

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