Windows 10 on Over 110 Million Devices

Windows 10Microsoft today announced today at their Microsoft Windows 10 Devices Event that Windows 10 has been installed on over 110 million devices since launch in July 29th.

Microsoft said that they are well on their way to reaching their goal of being installed on 1 billion devices within the next 2 to 3 years.

Terry Myerson shared some other statistics too, including that 650 billion web pages have been viewed on Microsoft Edge, their fancy new browser, and gamers have streamed a massive 120 years of gameplay to their PC from their Xbox Ones.

Myerson doesn’t stop there, as he says that the Windows Store has been visited over 1 billion times, with app developers seeing more than 4 times the revenue than that with Windows 8. Cortana has also been a popular addition, with her being asked over 1 billion queries from windows 10 devices.

For you Xbox One players, Windows 10 will be out on the console by the end of the year, with preview program members already getting a lot of the benefits from that as features get rolled out for testing, including Backwards Compatibility.

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